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As a practicing lawyer for over 25 years, I can attest to Mr. Rahman's abilities, initiative and resourcefulness. His strong commitment to community-related activities and human rights demonstrate the type of self-determination and original thinking that distinguishes him as a leader.

The Honourable Marcel Denis, P.C.
Former Minister of Labour
As a practicing lawyer for over 25 years, I can attest to Mr. Rahman's abilities.
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Rezaur Rahman is a lawyer with a long track record of success. Clients are benefited from his experience and acumen.

Rezaur Rahman is a renowned and successful lawyer in Canada. He practices Canadian Citizenship and Immigration law . He is authorized by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada to represent you.

He appears before the Federal Court, Refugee Protection Division (RPD) and Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) of the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) of Canada. He practices in the province of Ontario and also appears before the IRB  in Montreal.

Rezaur Rahman  has represented many successful clients. He has won appeals at the IAD and Judicial Review at the Federal Court (Read Federal Courts decisions).

Many of Rezaur Rahman’s former clients are now well established Canadian citizens. He has vast knowledge and experience in advising clients who want to emigrate to Canada as  permanent residents in different categories of the Canadian Immigration system.

He became a celebrity human rights activist in Bangladesh for his unprecedented popular television program ‘Ain Adalat’  ( Law & Court 1983-1987). He took enormous risk to defend people’s right. As a young lawyer, he earned the nation’s trust for his fight against injustices and for his role in creating awareness about human rights.

The Canadian television and newspapers have focused on his work. His work was also covered by the National Film Board of Canada in its documentary film “The Asylum”. His name was mentioned  in the Who’s Who of the World in the 1994-1995 edition of the Marquis Publishers, U.S.A.

He is very active in providing free legal advise to the clients of the Catholic Immigration Centre and the Lebanese Arab Social Services in Ottawa, Canada.. He also writes in community newspaper, magazine and blog and presents talks to different organizations and groups  to create awareness about Canadian Citizenship and Immigration law.                                                               

Rezaur  Rahman studied in McGill University of Canada and Dhaka University of Bangladesh. He has a Bachelor (Honors)  and Masters degree  in law.

He  lives in Ottawa, with his wife and two children.


Well known personalities in Canada  and Bangladesh have made following comments about Mr. Rahman:


“I always found him well-prepared, courteous, and professional. His oral submissions were excellent. Overall, I found his representation of his clients to have been far superior to that of many duly qualified lawyers.

Most significantly, I can honestly state that I never heard a single negative comment passed against him by a  former client-something quite noteworthy, in that , in my experience, refugee claimants have a tendency to place the blame on former counsel when their claims are refused.

As for Mr. Rahman’s personal qualities, I have always found him to be honest, intelligent, well-read, determined, pragmatic and empathic.”

Pia Zambelli
Former member of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, lawyer and author.
“As a practicing  lawyer for over 25 years, I can attest to Mr. Rahman’s abilities, initiative and resourcefulness. His strong commitment to community-related activities and human rights demonstrate the type of self-determination and original thinking that distinguishes him as a leader. “
The Honourable Marcel Denis, P.C.
Former Minister of Labour
Vice-Rector, Institutional Relations,
Associate Professor, Political Science
Concordia University.
“He impressed me as an extremely articulate, immaculate and well organized man…  I have continued to be to be impressed  by his quickness of mind, his willingness to speak and coherent arguments during oral submissions, his ability to inspire the trust  of his clients, and his success at developing a successful legal strategy”
Mitchell Goldberg

“Having a good counsel is important in every hearing because the claimant feels comfortable and a good counsel is able to prepare the claimant for a focused hearing. He or she is also able t provide relevant documentary evidence , and make submissions at the conclusion of the hearing that emphasize the key aspects of the case, as well as cite the pertinent case law.

I found that you always did your job with diligence and fairness, and made the claimants feel comfortable. You were also honest and did not give them false hopes, and you assisted them in presenting their cases forthrightly.”

Mohammed Azhar Ali Khan (Order of Ontario).
Former member of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

“On behalf of our colleagues in the Canadian Bar Association and the Department of Justice, we thank you for speaking at our workshop “Media and the Rule of Law” held on August 14, 2005. Your address was most interesting and useful in its examination of fundamental matters, and provided us with many points for consideration.

Jurists, academics, practicing layers and other members of the justice sector have made this workshops on international cooperation and portent venue for sharing experiences and ideas with colleagues from across the country and around the world. It was of  great interest and pleasure for this collegial group to hear your experiences and ideas, which certainly helped the workshop maintain its reputation as a stimulating forum for discussion”

Robin Sully
Director, International Development
Canadian Bar Association

Mark L. Berlin
Director General,
International Legal Programs Section
Department of Justice.


“It is my pleasure to say a few words about Mr. Rezaur Rahman, a courageous lawyer of Bangladesh Supreme Court who has dedicated has knowledge of law to uphold Rule of Law. He is a humanitarian, brilliant and outspoken human rights activist who worked for the protection of human rights selflessly.

His unique and unparallel presentation of legal facts and human rights issues through acclaimed television programme ‘Ain Adalot’ and his work through Bangladesh Society for Enforcement of Human Rights earned him great appreciation and trust of the people.

I have no doubt that he is an asset for our country”

Kemaluddin Hossain
Former Chief Justice of Bangladesh.
“..he earned sweeping name and fame in his legal profession at the Dhaka Bar with his remarkable  intelligence, quickness of  grasp, logical reasoning and clarity of expression. At he same time he made himself a household famous T.V. personality through his regular programme ‘Ain Adalat’ regarding protection of human rights and enforcement of humanitarian law with his promise of productive scholarship, great zeal and determination to uphold the basic principles of democracy and justice which enabled him to contribute materially to the development of legal education in Bangladesh”.
Dr. Hamiduddin Khan
Department of law.
University of Dhaka

“It was during my participation in the Bangladesh Television’s Programme “Ain Adalat” I had come to know Mr. Rezaur Rahman intimately. It was a programme too attractive to be ignored by even the sharp critics and consequently it continued for five years having top rating even over the entertainment oriented programmes.

Rahman at that time was relatively young in age, but his understanding of legal matters which he had to deal with in his programme was that of a mature legal practitioner. During the period of telecasting of the programme many incidents, persons and legal matters were presented before the viewers with professional skill, touch of rare sense of humanism and forcefulness.

Outside the programme I found him a promising lawyer, a Human Rights Activist and a fine person who has every quality that makes a man worth remembering with respect and liking beyond the grey shade of marching time.”

Ghazi Shamsur Rahman
Jurist and Author

“Mr. Rezaur Rahman a well known human rights activist and an outstanding lawyer through a television programme “Ain Adalat” most courageously brought many cases of human rights violation to the public eye and was able   to generate an awareness about human rights amongst its viewers

I know Mr. Rahman as a person of excellent intellectual   ability possessing both moral and physical courage who never used his position and office to further his own interest. Any community will be benefited through his presence ad his innovative thinking and work.”

Alhaj Abdul Majid Talukdar
Member of Parliament , Bogra-5
I recommend him without reservation as an intelligent , hard working, committed professional with integrity. He has good communication skills and will use his training to the benefit of Bangladesh”
Cole P. Dodge
Country Representative of  UNICEF in Bangladesh, in his letter to Canadian Human Rights Foundation.
“He has an analytical mind to understand the complicated laws and situations and the extraordinary ability to present those in a very simple and comprehensible  manner”
A.K. M Mozammel Houque Bhuiyan
Barrister -at-law
“It is a matter o great pleasure to introduce Mr. Rezaur Rahman a prominent lawyer and human rights activist  of Bangladesh. He is the first and only person in the country  who successfully used the television media to educate people in law and human rights issues. Taking great risk upon  him he revealed the facts of violation of human rights. I praised his sincerity , integrity and remarkable success in  the field of human rights. He has a lot of things to contribute because he is a man of ideas and action.”
Rabia Bhuiya

“He has earned tremendous amount of respect and felicitations from his clients for his humanity and superb skills as a lawyer.  Some of his clients wrote the following (the name of the authors have been altered to protect their identity):

“Mr. Rahman is a very smart and powerful lawyer. He is really trustworthy, that is why I thank him very much for his help and hard work that helped me to succeed”

John Stuart
“Allow me to appreciate your hard working what you have done to my case, and you were really great and I am sure that you are a  good example for other lawyers”
Robert Archibald
“I would like to express my sincere acknowledgement for a decisive role you and your stuff played in successful outcome of my  immigration process . I am proud of you, Sir. It is necessary to  emphasize that highest level of your professional  approach to the needs of the client, quality  of the services I have been provided  with and outstanding experience  in such sensitive field as Canadian Immigration  Legislation  really impressed me”
Vincent Russell
“It was a great honor to be represented by you and your associates. I was very pleased by your expertise and professionalism, which led to my freedom”
Shafiq Chowdhury
“ I would like to express my gratitude to you for your kind work on my behalf over the past year. Your humanity was always present and that I will always remember.”
Rebecca Maan
“ I was very fortunate to have the benefit of your sage and experienced advice. Your impeccable knowledge of the Immigration Act, the judge and the Refugee Board was very reassuring , and everything  you predicted would occur did come about. You were most generous with your time throughout the many months you always made yourself available  for me when I called . Your advice and strategy was exactly  on target and successful. I am certain that no other lawyer could have pulled off such a superb performance. My trust in you was fully warranted and completely justified in every respect”
Julie Austin
“Thank you so much for the wonderful and  assiduous work that you did  for me. It is really hard for me to tell you how happy I am. Your encouraging words really  made my emotions catharsis every time I came to your office. I am a new person now. You are an amazing person. I appreciate all the research you did  giving such a wonderful  piece of information  in the court. You seemed omniscient”
Trina Nesly
“In a  time when I felt so lost an hopeless you gave me all the encouragement and hope to bring my husband here with me to Canada. It was a big burden that you have  lifted from my  shoulders  and for that I really thank you  from the bottom of my heart. I wish you more power and success in all your future cases especially those that have similar problems like me. Your kindness  and compassions and your most concern have  really  touch  my heart. Thank you, I thank you  so much and  God bless you and your family always”
Arup Kawati
“You are a gift to everyone, lucky enough to call you ‘My Lawyer’”
Suresh Bhagawaty
“Just a few words to thank you for your support during the past year. You have been a great teacher for me.

Because of your good energy I was able to still my mind and better control my emotions in a very difficult period of my life.

You also impressed me with your gentleness, humility and your honesty. Not only are you a good lawyer but you are also a great human being. It was a pleasure meeting you and a privilege getting to know you. Knowing you certainly made me a better man.”
Pierre Lalonde
“Reza Bhai, if only you could know the thanks that fill each thought of you  and the smiles that warm each memory of the generous things you do, you should know you are treasured more than words can say. Thank you so much.”
Jamal Rashid
“ I have had high level of trust and respect on your capacities of how to deal with serious cases such as mine’
Shukla  Dev
Barrister Rezaur Rahman is a very efficient and knowledgable lawyer. Mr. Rahman believe in the process of wining of he is not going to take the case. Mr. Rahman is the kind a lawyer I always will recommend because he is a winner”
Mithu Buddha
“I would like to send to you my sincere thanks for all the support and help you have provided  to my family and me. My wife and kids are also as thankful too.  You can imagine the level of happiness we are all living these days as we feel safer  and having less  worry about a chapter  in our lives. You have been supportive  in many ways , may be  even without  knowing , or may be it is your way. You  have been building  in me more confidence , and open  my eyes to an image of  every step in the way that I was to go through.”
Tama Hashaki
“ Thank you very much for everything  you did for us. You are very intelligent , goodhearted , responsible, successful, trustworthy and so much more. We are very grateful for your help. You deserve to  be a lawyer. We are very proud of you.”
Imran Saleh

“ I want to thank you  for everything  you did to win my case. I really appreciate everything . You are  hardworking , smart , intelligent and a man with honor. I can see many lawyers in Ottawa but to be honest I have never see a lawyer that cares about cases and clients like you . Thanks for everything you did, and I really appreciate your effort, which turns to change my life forever.”
Antonio Rodriguez Pinto

“ This is to certify that Mr. Rezaur Rahman has helped me win admission for my son to Canada. My application to sponsor my son was denied by Immigration Canada in Nairobi, Kenya and I did not know where to go or what to do. I was confused thinking  and not knowing  when I could be able to reunify with my son. When everything  seemed so hopeless, I was introduced to  Mr. Rezaur Rahman. Mr. Rezaur Rahman is a very kind, understanding , very intelligent and very professional  person and knowledgeable of the  Canadian immigration system. He is very brief and to the point, and very effective in doing his job. He is excellent communicator with excellent and deep understanding of my case. If Mr. Rezaur Rahman was not accessible to me in both fee and time, I could not have won my son’s case. I am very happy and grateful with your professional help”

Santa Aranio Chima
“Thank you again for all of your help and support at such short notice. You have lifted a ton of bricks off my shoulder today and I now have faith that my husband will be with me tomorrow.”
Lipika Banarjee
“I write this in appreciation of the services you rendered to me before and during my hearing. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to you for accepting to represent me at the hearing. Not any lawyer could have taken up my case after what happened to my wife at her hearing.  I really thank you from the depths of my heart for helping me with my hearing”
Dev Dulal Chatarjee
“I truly appreciate your generosity and promptness in dealing with the whole matter”
Nita Ghoshwamy
“I am expressing my heartfelt respect and gratitude to you for your peerless and cordial cooperation. At the end of the hearing , your submission to the Court will remain as an unforgettable moment in my life. Because , probably the honorable judge would not have rendered decision in my favor if you did not present your submission correctly”
Michael Janta
“I am glad I met a great lawyer like you, who knows how to play his cards right to help people through their problems. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I was going to be able to stay in Canada…..”
Sabrina Anatina
“I am so grateful to Rezaur for all of his hard work and support. After seven years  of waiting and being put through chaos I finally received the good news for m permanent resident  status.
I could not imagine going through this process without Rezaur. There were so many curve balls thrown my way and Rezaur answered every one of my questions (anytime) and helped to ease the stress by dealing with those issues head on. I highly recommend to Rezaur to anyone going through this process …..He is very professional , supportive and he get the results.
Julia Sebastian 
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