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As a practicing lawyer for over 25 years, I can attest to Mr. Rahman's abilities, initiative and resourcefulness. His strong commitment to community-related activities and human rights demonstrate the type of self-determination and original thinking that distinguishes him as a leader.

The Honourable Marcel Denis, P.C.
Former Minister of Labour
As a practicing lawyer for over 25 years, I can attest to Mr. Rahman's abilities.
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Skilled Worker

- Federal Skilled Worker
- Quebec Skilled Worker

Business Immigration
- Investor
- Entrepreneur
- Self Employed
Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

- Family Sponsorship
- Spouse or Common-Law Partner  class

Convention Refugee
Group of 5 refugee sponsorship
Foreign Worker
Foreign Student


Live-in Caregiver
Visitor Visa


Humanitarian and Compassionate Cases
Appeal and Judicial Review

We also provide legal service for appeal and Judicial Review for following matters. Contact us if your application is rejected in any of the following categories:

-Refugee claim (Judicial Review)
-Group of 5 refugee sponsorship. (Judicial Review)
-Family sponsorship application ( Appeal)
-Failure to meet residency obligation-Permanent resident (Appeal)
-Removal order against a permanent resident or a Convention refugee (Appeal).
-Visitor Visa (Judicial Review).
-Skilled worker, Investor, Entrepreneur, Self-employed (Judicial Review)
-Live-in-Caregiver (Judicial Review).
-Study Permit (Judicial Review)
-Work Permit (Judicial Review)
-Citizenship (Judicial Review


Detention & Deportation:

We represent people who have been detained for alleged violation of Immigration and Refugee Protection Act or Regulations. Mr. Rezaur Rahman has been successful in securing release of detainees from the custody in a number of cases. We represent people at their,

a.  Admissibility hearing

b.  Detention Review   

If you are facing removal or deportation from Canada we can move a motion to the Federal Court asking for a stay on your removal from Canada. Mr. Rezaur Rahman has been successful in obtaining stay from the Federal Court.




Asses your  eligibility:

We assess your eligibility for becoming a permanent resident of Canada  in reference to  relevant immigration categories. Some clients may qualify for more than one category . We take great care in identifying the benefits of each category and present the comparison to the client. Correct assessment of eligibility on the basis of factors as mentioned in the Immigration law of Canada is the first and foremost important step.

We sometimes offer free assessment to a prospective client on the basis of availability of our resources.

Prepare, review  and submit your application

We prepare your application with great care. We focus on minute details and advise you if we find any contradiction in your documents or information. Your success will greatly depend on a carefully prepared and flawless application form. An oversight of a mistake may lead to delay or even rejection of your application. We review a completed application thoroughly and submit that to the appropriate Visa Office. If the Immigration Officer is satisfied with your application you may be granted confirmation of permanent residence without an interview.


Prepare you for the interview:

If you are called for an interview, we will prepare you for that. We will ask you similar types of questions that an Immigration Officer might ask you and would draw your attention to the subjects or issues that may be raised during that interview. If needed , prior to the interview we will obtain the appropriate information from the Visa Office about your file as per the Access to Information Act


Monitoring your application:

We will be monitoring your application by replying to the Visa Office’s communication promptly and checking the deadline for different steps of processing. We will keep you informed about any communication that we receive from the Visa Office .You will not have the worry of missing any deadline for sending any reply. We will do that for you  as per your instruction.


 Appeal and Judicial Review:

If your application is rejected  by the Visa Officer we may file an appeal or an application for judicial review on the basis of the subject matter and jurisdictional issue. If your case is rejected by a tribunal  such as the IRB, IAD or ID we can file an application for  Judicial Review to the Federal Court challenging that decision.

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